Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Facts About Me

  1. One of the first stories I ever wrote was called The Coming of Ragnarok. It was about—you guessed it—Ragnarok! In my version Baldr made a timely appearance and defeated Surtr.
  1. I wrote my first novel in the eighth grade. 20 years later, I published it.
  1. I’ll eat pretty much anything, as long as it doesn’t involve goat cheese, coconut, or beets.
  1. I secretly want to be a linguist. Well, I guess it’s not a secret now. I’ve taken formal classes in French, Italian, and Russian. I’ve also taught myself some Latin, Gaelic, Irish, and Occitan.
  1. I love research! When I’m working on a new project I jump in feet first, and research things down to minute details. For instance, for a project that took place in Scotland I spent about a year learning Scottish history, folklore, and customs.  Oh, and that’s why I learned Gaelic.
  1. I have a rather interesting employment history. I’ve mapped wetlands, worked as a barista, been a publicist for a small press, and handled insurance claims. Writing is definitely my favorite occupation.
  1. My first pet’s name was Felicia, and I grew up on Beaufort Circle. That means my porn name is Felicia Beaufort.
  1. My urban fantasy, Copper Girl, was indirectly inspired by one of my insurance jobs. Building maintenance kept the air conditioning around fifty degrees during the summer (true fact – I checked it with an ambient thermometer) so I got in the habit of going outside at lunch to warm up. One day I was looking at this weird tree at the edge of the parking lot, and I started wondering if it was a portal to the Otherworld; maybe my brain had frostbite. Anyway, that idle wondering became the opening scene in Copper Girl.
  1. I’ve done a fair bit of traveling. I’ve been to Ireland, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Czechoslovakia (back when it was Czechoslovakia ), and Lichtenstein.
  1. I’ve tried, and failed, to master many instruments over the years.

What are some fun facts about you? Leave them in the comments below, and we’ll see who has the wackiest response.


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