Reviews: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly, All Rolled Into One #amwriting #parthalan #giveaway #WriterWednesday


Authors need lots of things that are rather specific to their work: space and time to write, trusted critique partners, and a steady supply of whiskey, to name a few. Okay, perhaps the whiskey isn’t a necessity, but it sure does take the edge off line edits. Something else authors need are people willing and able to review their work.

Let’s talk about these reviews for a moment. You know how at your place of employment your supervisor will set up a meeting, and discuss the quality of your work? NO ONE likes those reviews; well, maybe some sadists enjoy them, but for most looking at the black and white results of your efforts is nausea inducing. Yet authors solicit reviews, actively and often.

Does that make authors masochists? Not really. You see, authors only get paid when a book sells, and the best way to sell any book is based on reviews. Don’t believe me? Go have a look at your favorite online retailer, or some of the larger library systems. The top selling titles are always accompanied by reviews. Some titles have reviews in the tens of thousands.

So yes, that means you could have hundreds or even thousands of mini book reports out there, all based on your work. See why I mentioned whiskey earlier?

Speaking of reviews, I’m sure ya’ll know that I have a new release out: The Virgin Queen, the second installment of The Chronicles of Parthalan. And–surprise!–it could use a few reviews. Now, I know that it takes time and effort to read and review a book, so I thought I’d offer something to sweeten the pot. Post your review and enter via the Rafflecopter form below, and you’ll be entered to win a $10 gift card either to Amazon, or the independent bookstore of your choice.

If you’ve already got a copy of The Virgin Queen, thank you! If you need one, you can get it here. If you decide to review (and THANK YOU in advance for that) don’t forget to come back and enter the raffle! Good luck!

virgin_queen_final-draft_text2A broken queen. A friendship mired in deceit. Can one man from the desert help hold the realm together?

Asherah, Queen of Parthalan and Lady of Tingu, has led her people through eight centuries of prosperity. That peace shatters when Mersgoth, the mordeth thought long dead, attacks Teg’urnan. In the aftermath a new warrior emerges: Aeolmar, a man as secretive as he is deadly.

Asherah and Aeolmar race across Parthalan in pursuit of Mersgoth, and track the beast to the High Desert. While they’re gone, Harek, now Prelate of Parthalan, conspires with the Dark Fae against the elves…Against Leran, the king of the elves and Asherah’s son in all but blood. Will Asherah see the truth of Harek before it’s too late, or will he bring down the fae once and for all?

The Virgin Queen – Book Two of the Chronicles of Parthalan

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