What People Are Saying About Changing Teams @LimitlessBooks #Romance #Contemporary #NYC

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This week has inundated me with great reviews for Changing Teams! Here are a few of my favorites:

From Cutting Muse Blog Review – Laura and Makayla Redmon: “I really enjoyed reading this story! I don’t think I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading anything like it, which makes it unique in my book!”

From Suzanne Talkington: “Overall, I found this book a lot of fun. I laughed, wanted to yell and almost cried at some points. Character build was great as well as the story’s flow. The side characters are amazing. Solid 4 ½ stars!!”

From Bella’s blog: “The characters were well developed and quite engaging .I really enjoyed the point of view the way it was split in two ,because it totally defined everything really clearly . And it was easier for us the reads to get the inside story of both of those characters ,specially their thoughts and motivations. The chemistry between these two was instant and it just continued to grow until it sealed them together”

Have you gotten your copy? http://amzn.to/28SmFGO



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