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Author April L Wood

Welcome and thanks for taking an interest in the authors of Bellatrix Press! I’m happy to introduce the authors who bring magical stories into your world, one book at at time.

First, let’s meet JA Noble!

JA Noble lives in a special variety of dark ages that includes writing with quill and parchment, avoiding “selfies,” using “they” as a non-gendered pronoun (as is historically accurate), and being dragged kicking and screaming to the realm of Social Media by their publisher, beta readers, and the few folks who’ve been allowed to read 27 Kingdom scribblings. When not transferring handwritten notes to computer, Noble is usually healing from a variety of injuries that may or may not be directly related to being a barista, farm work, general klutziness, and/or dealing with dragons and cats.  Under other pen names, they have been published in newspapers, magazines, and online resources evaluating food…

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