Writer Wednesday: Villians in Fiction #AmWriting #AmRevising #AmEditing #WriterMotivation #WriterWednesday

Author April L Wood

My first venture in writing a full length novel (80,000 words) was several years ago. It’s titled PATHOLOGICAL LOVER, a romantic suspense about a womanizing pathologist who has an interest in the newbie laboratory assistant, who’s half his age. Oh yeah, he’s also married, and filthy rich — unlike the young, naive laboratory assistant, who lives in a rougher part of town in her studio apartment.

Image result Mackenzie (Mack) Cross, Laboratory Assistant

When she discovers he is married, it threatens everything that is near and dear to him. He fears she will tell the hospital administrator. He fears she will tell his wife and that he will lose her and his young daughters. He fears his peers will find out and that it will affect his social standing. Desperate to shut her up, he commits to a series of deplorable acts that will ensure her silence.

The POV is told through…

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