Finding Inspiration, World Holiday Edition #WriterWednesday #inspiration #amwriting

Hey all! For those of you NaNo-ing, your word count should be right at 3334. Personally, I’m at 1053, but I have 28 days to catch up 😉

Today I’m talking about inspiration again, since having nothing to write about isn’t really conducive to meeting word count goals. Several times, I’ve been inspired by holidays.

Yes, you can be inspired by the more commercial, well-known holidays, but reading about other holidays can spark all sorts of creative thoughts. For instance, today is November 2, All Souls’ Day in the Christian religion, which commemorates the faithful departed.  A quick Google search, and the associated imagery it uncovers, can feed your imagination for a week.

Here are some other interesting, and not widely celebrated (at least not where I am) holidays:

Beer Day – Celebrated in Iceland on March 1. it celebrates the end of Prohibition, and, um, beer.

Lei Day – Celebrated in Hawaii on May 1. The custom is to wear a lei throughout the day.

National Science Day – Celebrated in Thailand on August 18. Commemorates King Mongkut’s prediction and observation of a total solar eclipse in 1868.

Feast Day of Our Lady of Meritxell – Celebrated on September 8 in Andorra. In the 12th century, the statute of the Virgin Mary from the chapel in Mertitxell somehow left the chapel and was found under a wild rose blooming out of season. The villagers took it as a sign to build a new chapel on that site.

The holidays I’ve mentioned above are only the the tip of the iceberg. If you find your inspiration lacking, I highly recommend a virtual stroll among world holidays.

How do you find inspiration? Tell us in the comments!

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