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Author April L Wood

Happy Wednesday, Witches! 

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Some people believe that birds are “spirit messengers” who carry messages between the living and the dead. In Shamanism, doves and pigeons are interchangeable and represent home and security, carrying messages of love and peace.

Consider this as I tell you my “exciting” story.

The weekend before last, I heard a thumping sound in my chimney. I assumed it was a small trapped animal, but when I opened the damper there was nothing there. I used a flash light and scanned the inner walls of the chimney to see nothing but crumbling brick and cobwebs galore.

But the thumping sound continued between Sunday and Wednesday and I was starting to freak out.

You see, about a year ago I wrote a short story about an elemental fire witch who haunted a fireplace and it all began with a thumping sound that the homeowner assumed was a trapped…

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