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Big news – The Virgin Queen has been nominated for a RONE! Voting in that category begins May 1st, and you must register here to vote. And if you haven’t yet read The Virgin Queen, the ebook is currently on sale for 99 cents across all platforms!

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Voting runs until May 7th, so be sure you cast your vote early!

The Changes series is now a boxed set! You can read all about Britt and Sam, Astrid and Donnie, and Cindy and Sean in one handy package. The preorder price is 99 cents, but it will increase to $5.99 after the May 2 release date. Get your copy now, and save $5!

Changes Series PREORDER

Preorder here —-> http://amzn.to/2p3DbPC

That’s all for now – and don’t forget to vote!


Friday Fun: New Covers For #Changes #fridayfun #teamlimitless #romance #NA @limitlessbooks

It’s no secret that the publisher of my contemporary romance series, Limitless Books, is awesome. Since the third installment, Changing Fate, will release on March 28, they thought it was a fine time to update the covers.

Without further ado, here they are:


I think they look great! What do you think?



Interview With Kendra L. Saunders, Writer, Fashionista, And All-Around Awesome Person @kendrybird @bellatrix_press #WriterWednesday #interview #fashion #author #amwriting

Happy Wednesday, readers!

It’s no secret that I get by with a little help (okay, a lot) from my friends, and one of my besties is Kendra L. Saunders. She writes, she’s a fashion blogger, and she makes a mean latte. In fact, she’s so awesome that I made her a character in my contemporary romance, Changing Scenes. Read on, and find out why her fans adore her so.

JAP: Let’s start with fashion! You’re a fashion blogger, have attended NY Fashion Week, and you’ve got a unique and very photogenic personal style. Have you always been interested in fashion?

KS: I’ve been into accessories for as long as I can remember! As a kid, I was already trying to make weird and exciting jewelry, usually by taking things apart that I shouldn’t have been touching! As I got older, my love for fashion expanded to clothes, and at 17 years old, I got my first subscription to InStyle magazine. There was truly no going back then. I’d also like to credit much of my love of fashion to my best childhood friend, Sarah, who was in love with the luxe life from a very young age. She taught me so much about fashion, makeup, and everything, really.

JAP: In Changing Scenes, you’re an up and coming designer who’s not afraid to take risks. Tell us about a risky move you made that paid off.

KS: One of the riskiest moves I’ve made actually relates to fashion! Years ago, I reached out to a fashion designer and asked him if I could interview him. I had almost no credits to my name in the world of interviewing, at the time, and was running entirely on confidence. It worked! He said yes, and I began interviewing people from all aspects of the fashion world. That led to attending New York Fashion Week, and I hope will eventually lead to Paris and London Fashion Week as well!

The infamous photograph

JAP: Rumor has it that Viktor Arson, the male lead in The Unlove Spell, is loosely based on a fashion designer. Any truth to that?

KS: He is! Dmitry Sholokhov is a fashion designer from Belarus who has appeared on and won two seasons of Project Runway. He’s also probably a magical being. In late 2012, I wrote The Unlove Spell, and a lot of Viktor’s character sprang from a certain photograph of Dmitry and his Project Runway model! I still love how evocative that picture is. He has one of the oldest printed copies of The Unlove Spell that exists, many edits ago. I can’t wait to get him the edited, shiny, pretty copy!

61jk-nrgnjl-_sy346_JAP: Engaged to an Alien Pop Star, the sequel to your wildly successful Dating an Alien Pop Star, releases soon. Tell us about it!

KS: I’m so excited about it! Engaged to an Alien Pop Star is sexier, funnier, and even more wacky than Dating. Griffin makes an album for his fans, a romantic proposal takes place, and the gang has to face off with some giant alien bugs. What’s not to love? I can’t wait to hear what fans of the first book think of this one!

JAP: Finally, do you have any advice for those looking to get more involved in fashion or writing?

KS: For style bloggers, your presence in the world of style is your business card, as it were. Make sure you’re dressed how you want others to perceive you, whether it means wearing vintage, lots of accessories, minimalist pieces, designer pieces, or cheap clothes that you’ve spun into your own new piece. People will come to expect certain things from you, and come back to see what other styles you’ve created from your signature palette of ideas, colors, or vibes. All of those things make up your “brand”, and you want your brand to be as consistent as possible.
For instance, I’m over the top in fashion, but also very feminine, and love outrageous accessories and makeup. My personal “brand” is one of luxurious eccentricity… but that doesn’t usually reflect how much I actually spend on my wardrobe! It’s almost always possible to find pieces that fit your vibe but are a fraction of the price of designer, without giving yourself away. I’ve made it a goal to share amazing style for fashionistas on a budget, which is also inclusive of average and plus sized gals (and guys!)
I admit, I don’t actually take many full body pictures of my outfits, because my accessories and makeup are usually the focus of my fashion-y posts, but having a good quality camera is, of course, very important. Document as much of what you wear as you can, and share it liberally. Make sure to credit the creators of your accessories and the brands of makeup you’re wearing. Brands love getting shout-outs on social media and blogs, and will often share your posts with their followers if they like them.
As for writing about fashion, I suggest you read as much as you can about fashion, go to fashionable events, keep an eye on sartorial trends happening in your local area, and start your own trends that you can tell others about. If you’re hoping to interview people in fashion, do what I did! Be brave and confident, and ask if you can interview someone! You never know who will say yes! Just make sure you have some questions ready to go in case you get a yes. You don’t want to be unprepared, and look unprofessional.
Like I said, Kendra’s awesome! Have any questions for her about writing, blogging, or meeting sexy rockstars? Leave ’em in the comments!

kendrybirdAbout the Author

Kendra L. Saunders is a time-and-space traveling fashionista author who writes books about magical, dark-haired men, interviews famous people,and suggests way too many bands to you via whatever social media platform she can get her hands on. She writes with good humor because humor is the best weapon for a girl who can’t learn karate (or ballroom dancing). She’s the author of the Alien Pop Star series, magic realism novel Inanimate Objects, the dark comedy Death and Mr. Right, and the poetry collection Geminis and Past Lives. Connect with Kendra online at www.kendralsaunders.com/


And read about her fashion designer alter-ego in Changing Scenes: http://amzn.to/2giKSPC

Writer Wednesday: NaNo Check In, And Release Dates for Changing Fate and Gallowglass! #WriterWednesday #NaNoWriMo #goals #amwriting

It’s Day 16 of NaNo! If you’re writing your 1667 words per day (the minimum daily word count to stay on track to reach 50k by November 30), by now you have written 26,672 words.

My current word count is 16,998. I’m not exactly killing it this time around.

That low word count begs the question, what’s going on? I win NaNo EVERY year. Usually, I hit the 50k mark around the three week mark, and gloat like a gloatasaurus rex all over the internet. To call this situation is perplexing is an understatement.

As for what’s impeding my progress, a few things happened. I had to reevaluate the publishing timeline for my Parthalan series, and complete a massive re-edit ASAP. That took up the first week of November, which put me behind in my word count but moved my series forward. All in all, that was a good trade.

Having put out that fire, I got into my WIP…and right around the 6k mark, the plot went off the rails. It didn’t deviate all that far, and it’s definitely fixable. This story is one that I’ve wanted to write for years, and I will definitely see it completed. Could I fix it and still hit my 50k goal? Probably. But, then something happened.

Something kind of awesome.

Out of the blue, I was hit with the most fricken’ amazing idea ever. It’s a YA, and I never write YA, so that in itself is exciting. It takes place in Ireland, and there are mermaids and lost cities and surfing. I haven’t had this much fun writing in years, and even though I’m 10k behind, I don’t care. I am going to finish this story, and then I’m going to edit and revise it to perfection. Who cares if it doesn’t hit 50k by November 30? No one, that’s who.

My confidence is bolstered by the fact that my previous NaNo projects have fared well. My 2014 NaNo, Changing Teams, released last November, and the third in the series, Changing Fate, will release on March 28, 2017. And my 2013 project, Gallowglass, will release on June 6, 2017.


To sum up, keep working on your WIP, no matter where you are in your word count. To steal NaNo’s motto, the word needs your novel.

Have you encountered some NaNo setbacks? How did you work around them? Tell us in the comments!


Get Changing Teams here: http://amzn.to/2f5PDcZ


And the sequel, Changing Scenes: http://amzn.to/2giKSPC

What Happens When You Don’t Make Your Goals? You Keep Going, Of Course #WriterWednesday #amwriting #goals

About a week ago I started prepping my blog posts for 2017, including my yearly writing goals… And that got me to thinking about my 2016 goals, and one goal in particular that I am not going to achieve. I’d planned to release five novels this year, but that just won’t be happening.

I started off strong, and released Changing Scenes on January 5. The Virgin Queen released on April 5, and Copper Veins FINALLY came out on July 27. And then…crickets.

The other two titles I’d intended to release this year were Changing Fate, the third installment in my contemporary romance series, Changes, and Rise of the Deva’shi, the third Chronicle of Parthalan. After I was done being mad at myself for not making these goals, I took a step back and tried to figure out what happened.

In the case of Changing Fate, there were a few things going on. In all honesty Changing Scenes came out way too quickly (Changing Teams released October 29, 2015, and Changing Scenes hit the shelves on January 5, 2016), and I never got the chance to properly promote it.  Add that to the fact that I have two other currently-releasing series, am querying a fourth, am in grad school full time, and have the Wonder Twins, husband, and pets to wrangle, and, well, I think you know why Changing Fate isn’t coming out until next year. Oy.

The situation is a bit different for Rise of the Deva’shi. Even though this is the third Chronicle of Parthalan, it was originally released back in 2009. (Long story. Someday, when y’all have insomnia, I’ll tell you all about it.) So it was supposed to re-release this year, being that Bellatrix Press picked up the entire series. Everything was lined up, and then… well, I did a thing.

I was supposed to hand over the manuscript to the editor by August 1. In the meantime I’d been reworking and tweaking away, and I kept getting stuck on this one section. It didn’t really fit with the overall tone of the book, and our hero, Aeolmar, was behaving out of character. There were some good scenes in that passage, and some awesome bits of dialogue, but in the end it had to go.

So, the day before the manuscript was due, I cut 24,000 words.

Yes, twenty four THOUSAND.

As you can imagine, this turn of events meant that the manuscript was delivered somewhat later than promised, hence the delayed release date. But you know what? I’m glad I chopped out that part of the story. Now my editor is concentrating on the actual meat of the novel, not trying to make a few bits of dialogue and weird scenes fit into the overall narrative. This means that when Rise of the Deva’shi is released, it will be a stronger story. Since I took my time with Changing Fate, it will be a stronger story, too.

Your take-away from all of this is DON’T RUSH YOUR WRITING. I don’t recommend making huge plot changes the day before your deadline, either, but if you need more time don’t be afraid to ask for it. The story takes as long as it takes. And you do want to put out the best story possible, right?


A mad king. An escaped slave. One warrior to save the realm…

Heir to the Sun is currently on sale for 99 cents here: http://amzn.to/2cSkNSx

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Today’s #FeatureFriday with @limitlessbooks is my book, CHANGING SCENES! #romance #contemporary

Changing Scenes 

by Jennifer Allis Provost 

Publisher: Limitless Publishing! 

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Book #2 Changes Series


✵✦✵ SYNOPSIS ✵✦✵

“Image isn’t everything

…or is it?”

For Astrid Janvier, image is everything…

Astrid is a world-renowned model, as famous for her strut as her startling green eyes. She’s modeled for the biggest names in the fashion world, and is regularly invited to parties in New York, London, and Paris. Thanks to a designer label addiction, she’s also broke, and takes a job as a cocktail waitress just to make rent. When her best friend Britt asks her to be her maid of honor at her upcoming wedding, their first task is to decide the menu.

Donnie Coehlo is a young, up-and- coming chef with a dinner menu to plan…

Donato—Donnie for short—is the head chef at Thirty-Nine and Twelve, a seafood bistro on the Connecticut shore. It’s a great accomplishment given his youthful age, but Donnie doesn’t brag. He just wants to find the right girl, settle down, and have a bunch of kids. When Astrid arrives at his restaurant, Donnie hopes she is the one. But would a high-priced model like Astrid be interested in a regular guy like him?

As Astrid’s life crumbles around her, and Donnie makes a terrible choice, Astrid learns the two of them are irrevocably tied together.

Will their connection be enough for Astrid to leave her high-fashion life behind, and accept what Donnie has to offer? Or will she chase her dreams as a model, leaving Donnie as part of her past?

AVAILABLE NOW http://amzn.to/1XoRjgV


Jennifer Allis Provost is a native New Englander who lives in a sprawling colonial along with her beautiful and precocious twins, a dog that thinks she’s a kangaroo, a parrot, a junkyard cat, and a wonderful husband who never forgets to buy ice cream. As a child, she read anything and everything she could get her hands on, including a set of encyclopedias, but fantasy was always her favorite. She spends her days drinking vast amounts of coffee, arguing with her computer, and avoiding any and all domestic behavior.


LIMITLESS PUBLISHING: http://www.limitlesspublishing.net/authors/jennifer-allis-provost/

GOODREADS: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/2975887.Jennifer_Allis_Provost

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/copperraven/

WEBSITE: https://authorjenniferallisprovost.com/

CHANGING TEAMS – #Free Today only! #romance #Kindle #ebook


Click to purchase: http://amzn.to/1SL28UF

That’s right, the contemporary romance that started it all is free today only! Get your copy before the price goes up.


What if you met the man of your dreams… And found out he was living a lie?

The sequel, Changing Scenes, available now: http://amzn.to/23ALhLL