Marketing and Editing Services

In addition to being a full time writer and publicist, I also offer freelance marketing and editing services. A list of my services and rates is below. If you’d like to hire me, or have any questions, please fill out the form below.

 Marketing and Editing Rates

Query letter alone: $10

Query letter and first three chapters: $50

Full manuscript critique, 60k – 100k words: $150

Full manuscript critique, more than 100k words: $200

Short story critique, up to 5,000 words: $25

Press release written by me, up to 500 words: $15

Marketing consultation, six month plan included: $50

Long term (more than six months) marketing coach: Negotiable, initial $50 fee credited toward the long term plan

*If your project is different than what’s listed above, please contact me via the form below and we can discuss

What I will do:

For critiques: I will review your project and point out plot holes, inconsistencies, and offer advice for improvements. I will point out what’s working well, and what can be altered to make your project truly shine.

For query letters: I will help you polish that blurb and help your work stand out from the rest.

For press releases and other marketing materials: I will craft compelling and original copy that will garner interest in you and your project.

For all editing projects I will supply an overall summary of the work-including but not limited to pacing, plot structure, and character development-along with comments in the body of the work, provided the format allows such.

What I will not do:

I will not correct punctuation or grammar. For those services you should hire a professional line editor, which I am not. I can refer you to qualified editors upon request.

At this time I’m accepting all genres.

Want to learn more, or submit a project? Just fill out the contact form below.


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