The Chronicles of Parthalan – Epic Fantasy

The Chronicles of Parthalan is a six volume epic fantasy set in the Faerie Realm of Parthalan.
Coming soon – the tenth anniversary illustrated edition of Heir to the Sun! Available December 2021.
Heir to the Sun –  available now from Bellatrix Press
 A mad king. An escaped slave. One warrior to save the realm…

When Asherah, stripped of both her memory and her dignity, learns that King Sahlgren is responsible for her torment it nearly breaks her. Instead, she leads her fellow slaves to freedom. More prisons are scattered across Parthalan, and Asherah vows to burn them all.

Caol’nir, a warrior descended from the gods, is sworn to serve and defend the king. Then a priestess is murdered, and Caol’nir learns that Sahlgren is to blame. Determined to stop the king, sacred oath or no, Caol’nir joins Asherah’s rebellion.

What Caol’nir doesn’t know is that Sahlgren has promised the demon lord a woman of rare and singular beauty, a woman whose abilities are rumored to rival the sun god’s themselves…a woman Caol’nir knows all too well.

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A broken queen. A friendship mired in deceit. Can one man from the desert help hold the realm together?

Asherah, Queen of Parthalan and Lady of Tingu, has led her people through eight centuries of prosperity. That peace shatters when Mersgoth, the mordeth thought long dead, attacks Teg’urnan. In the aftermath a new warrior emerges: Aeolmar, a man as secretive as he is deadly.

Asherah and Aeolmar race across Parthalan in pursuit of Mersgoth, and track the beast to the High Desert. While they’re gone, Harek, now Prelate of Parthalan, conspires with the Dark Fae against the elves…Against Leran, the king of the elves and Asherah’s son in all but blood. Will Asherah see the truth of Harek before it’s too late, or will he bring down the fae once and for all?

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A stolen girl. A legendary champion. A plan that might destroy Parthalan once and for all…

Aeolmar, First Hunter of Parthalan, leads a solitary life. Having long since abandoned his quest to kill Mersgoth—the demon that murdered his family—Aeolmar moves through his days with cold efficiency. Everything changes when he leads a training mission in Brennus, where he’s attacked by Mersgoth himself, and saved by an unlikely heroine.

Latera, first born and heir to Gannera’s throne, is kidnapped and left for dead in Parthalan’s vast forests. A lone human amongst Parthalan’s fae, she makes a home in Brennus, and lives a quiet life—until she finds herself defending a wounded First Hunter from a clutch of demons.

Back in Parthalan, Harek warns Asherah of something called the deva’shi—a warrior loyal only to the demon lord, Asgeloth. Both Aeolmar and Latera suspect that there is more to this deva’shi than what Harek has told them, but before they can learn the truth, Parthalan’s borders are attacked. Will Aeolmar and Latera be able to stop the deva’shi in time, or is it a distraction to hide Harek’s true plans?

RISE OF THE DEVA’SHI – book three of the Chronicles of Parthalan

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A hero near death. A warrior’s greatest challenge. Old enemies resurface as Parthalan’s guardians are at their weakest…

When Latera Demon-killer, the deva’shi of legend, finally slew the mordeth-gall she thought that would be the end of demons in Parthalan. Instead they took a moment to lick their wounds, then the monsters attacked in greater numbers than ever before—but Latera can only watch as she recovers from a near-death experience of her own.

After Latera almost died bearing their third child Aeolmar swore he’d never let anything harm her again—then an old secret came to light and threatened to drive Latera away for good. As he struggled to regain his mate’s trust their child was taken by one with a grudge against his parents, and his grandsire, the sun god Olluhm. Forced to leave Latera behind in Teg’urnan, Aeolmar races across Parthalan to find his missing child and discover what it really means to be descended from the gods.

Meanwhile, Asherah the Ruthless, Queen of Parthalan and Lady of Tingu, is dependent on sleeping herbs procured from Mallia, the palace healer—herbs that allow her to sleep but not rest, as memories of the past and imagined threats from the future haunt her every moment. While the queen descends into madness the old king’s children, sensing Asherah’s weakness, make a play for Parthalan’s throne.

As the queen’s paranoia threatens to overtake her an old enemy resurfaces, one with closer ties to Asherah and Aeolmar than anyone suspected. With Aeolmar away and Asherah close to insanity, will Latera be able to protect her family and the rest of Parthalan?

GOLEM – Book Four of The Chronicles of Parthalan

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Elfsong – 2021
Blood Prince – 2022

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