You’ve reached the official website for Jennifer Allis Provost, author of fantasy, horror…and contemporary romance. That’s right, Changing Teams, the first in an all-new contemporary romance series, has been signed by Limitless
Publishing! Stay tuned for updates.


Heir to the Sun, book one of the Chronicles of Parthalan, is available now from Bellatrix Press. For those who read Heir to the Sun and wondered what happened next for Asherah, the sequel, The Virgin Queen, released April 5, 2016. Be on the lookout for the third installment, Rise of the Deva’shi, on October 24, 2016.

Jennifer has also published two urban fantasies, Copper Girl and Copper Ravens, with Spence City, the urban fantasy imprint of Spencer Hill Press. Copper Veins, the penultimate book, will release July 26, 2016.

Jennifer’s work can also be found in several anthologies, please visit the bibliography page for more information. Check out the free prequel to Copper Girl, A Raven in Queen Maeve’s Court, here: https://jenniferallisprovost.wordpress.com/a-raven-in-queen-maeves-court/


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